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Cleaning service

We offer dry cleaning services for companies and organizations for upholstered furniture, carpets and hard floor surfaces, including concrete, tile, linoleum, vinyl, wood and other surfaces. We specialize in providing high quality services to help businesses stay clean and fresh.

Our goal is to help solve various cleaning challenges, which is why we offer a wide range of professional cleaning solutions. We are trusted by the largest restaurant catering service chains in Latvia, as well as other clients who cooperate with us in the long term.

We work with

  • For cafes, restaurants and bars

  • For business centers and offices

  • For cinemas, various entertainment halls

  • For educational institutions and kindergartens

  • For guest houses and hotels

  • For municipalities and state institutions

Working photo in companies

Stages of starting cooperation

1. Filling out the form

2. Finding out the needs

3. Inspection of the object

4. Price calculation

5. Drafting of the contract

6. Commencement of work

Application form

Our cooperation partners
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