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We are a family business with heart and soul. Only family members and very close friends work in our company, who are not only colleagues, but also family members in a sense. This intimacy and friendship influences our work, giving it warmth and a personal approach. We believe that long-term relationships with our customers are the foundation of our success.

We strive to raise the standards of our industry on a daily basis by attending seminars and acquiring new knowledge to be able to provide you with the best service. Our work philosophy is simple - the better the equipment and the more experience, the better the result.

The core values of our company are:trust,quality and long-termrelationship. We do not see our work as just a job, but as a shared journey towards a better quality of life. We believe that our company contributes to society by offering a wide range of cleaning solutions for different needs to ensure a better quality of everyday life for our customers and those around them.

Volcano Hiker


and goals

Oursvision is to become a comprehensive service provider in our industry that wins the hearts and trust of customers with high quality work results and excellent communication. We want to be a company that people choose with confidence and trust.

Oursthe aim until the end of 2024 is to expand our range of services as part of our mission to provide a wider and integrated range of solutions to our customers. This expansion includes window cleaning, facade cleaning, pavement cleaning, house roof cleaning and lawn mowing. With this expanded range of services, we want to not only offer customers more options and convenience, but also become a single and reliable solution provider for their environmental maintenance needs.

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