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Carpet cleaning

Enjoy a clean and fresh environment with our professional carpet cleaning services.

  • The carpet will be fresh, clean and fragrant again

  • Colors will be restored and texture 

  • Will improve inclindoor air quality

  • Will destroy bacteria and allergens

  • We will eliminate bad odors and give freshness.

  • The carpet will last longer and it will be more pleasant to walk on it

  • Service from experienced specialists

  • Fast drying with special fansators

Service description

An overview of the carpet dry cleaning process:​


Surface preparation:

  • Using a specialized vacuum cleaner effectively removes a large amount of dust and dirt, preparing the surface for further cleaning.


Spraying the product:

  • The cleaning agent is sprayed onto the surface of the carpet,  preparing the surface for subsequent brushing.


Mechanical brushing:

  • A special machine is used to scrub the carpet intensively. This brushing technique effectively breaks up stubborn dirt and embeds the cleaning agent into the carpet fibers so that the agent can work effectively for superior results.


Mechanical washing:

  • A machine is used that can simultaneously suck up the cleaning agent and spray clean water on the surface of the carpet. This process provides a deep clean, as the cleaning agent effectively dissolves dirt and stains, while the clean water then rinses them away, leaving the carpet clean and fresh.


  • With high-powered fans, the carpet is dried so that it is ready for use after cleaning. 

Get a professional carpet cleaning service

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