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Floor cleaning

Enjoy clean and shiny floor surfaces with our professional cleaning services

  • Improve the overall appearance of the room

  • Waxing provides protection against scratches and wear

  • Helps extend the life of the floor

  • Cleaning can improve the adhesion of the floor

  • Service from experienced specialists

  • Helps the floor covering become more resistant to dirt

Service description

Over time, linoleum, wood, or tile floors begin to look worn or dirty, no matter how often you clean with regular cleaning products and methods. To keep, for example, a linoleum floor in good condition, it is essential to perform regular mechanical cleaning and polishing of the floor to remove accumulated dirt and the old protective layer of wax, which can be unattractive and even a little sticky.

Waxing is necessary to preserve your floor for as long as possible and bring out its shine and quality. Waxed floors can give your home or business a classic and premium look. Waxing is especially relevant for rooms with heavy daily use.

Mechanical floor washing and waxing is a process that involves the use of special techniques and equipment to ensure optimal floor cleanliness and protection. Here are the basic steps in the process:

Initial evaluation: Specialists evaluate the floor, determining its condition, type and potential problems. It helps to choose the most suitable cleaning products and methods.

Mechanical cleaning: Involves a mechanical process to remove dirt, old wax and other contaminants from the floor surface. This work is performed with special cleaning equipment.

Washing: Mechanical cleaning is followed by a washing and polishing process to obtain an even greater shine and smooth floor surface.

Waxing: A new layer of wax is applied to the floor to protect the floor and ensure a long-lasting shine. Wax protects the floor from dirt, moisture and other factors that could cause damage.

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