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Cleaning the mattress

Enjoy a clean and fresh mattress with our professional cleaning services

  • Restore hygiene in your bedroom and regain rest

  • Get rid of various conspicuous spots

  • Eliminates unpleasant odors

  • Get rid of deep dust and mites

  • Service from experienced specialists

  • As a result, lighter colors

  • Fast drying with special fansators

Service description

A clean mattress means fresh and healthy sleep. We offer deep mattress dry cleaning to kill unwanted allergens and mites. Take care of your family's health by providing them with hygienic and safe sleep.

Deep cleaning: With our special mattress cleaning products and equipment, we effectively remove dust, mites and allergens that can get into the veins of the mattress.


Stain removal: Despite the utmost care, mattresses can be subject to various stains. Our experts will clean and remove various types of stains, leaving your mattress fresh and clean.


Elimination of odors: With our special products, we not only clean the mattress from dirt, but also eliminate unpleasant odors.


Professional approach: Our experienced specialists ensure that each mattress is treated individually, taking into account its characteristics and materials.

Izvēlieties tīrīšanu, kas pārsteigs jūs ar rezultātiem. 

Sazinieties ar mums, lai sāktu ceļu uz pilnīgu tīrību!

Get a professional mattress cleaning service

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